How to create Cpanels in Reseller Hosting?

How To Create cPanel Accounts In WHM?

You've just need a Reseller hosting or Master Reseller from Mature Host to Log-In cPanel. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create cPanel Accounts in WHM. You can create multiple cpanel accounts in WHM by following these steps. Mature Host will guide you in your target. The steps are:-

Step 1.  Login to your WHM account.

Step 2.  Navigate to WHM » Account Functions » Create a New Account.

Step 3.  Click ‘Create a New Account’ button.

Step 4. Domain Information are as follows:-

Here you can enter the account details.


Enter the domain name for the new account. Enter user name, password & confirm password it. Enter the email address to get notifications.

Step 5. Fill the Packages information


We can select packages from ‘Choose a Package’ option.  In cPanel, packages are mainly used to easily assign same group of settings to multiple cPanel accounts.  If you don’t have any packages, you can click the button ‘Select Options Manually’ and set limitations as you need.

Step 6. In Settings Area

We can select the Theme and Language from here. In cPanel, we are commonly using the following themes.

– X3 or paper_lantern for accounts that host websites.

– X3mail for accounts that only serve mail.

Locale option is use to select the language which you want.

Step 7. Reseller Settings

If you want to create a reseller account, you can select the option ‘Make the account a reseller’.  Mature Host also provides cheapest linux reseller for our customers.  If you want to allow the new reseller to own the account, then you can select the option ‘Make the account own itself’, i.e. the user can modify the account.

Step 8. DNS Settings

We can enable DKIM and SPF to the account by clicking the corresponding options from DNS settings.  These two options are using as spam prevention methods.

If the nameservers of the domain are going to be on another server, select the option ‘Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar’.

If you want to check for DNS zones that may conflict, you can click the option ‘Overwrite any existing DNS zones for the account’. That will overwrite the existing DNS zone. 

Step 9. Mail Routing Settings

We can use mail routing settings to specify how mail should be routed for the newly created account. You can select one of the following.

Automatically Detect Configuration – This is the default and recommended configuration.  It automatically detects the suitable settings.

Local Mail exchanger – It accepts mail locally for the new account.

Backup Mail Exchanger – This option configure the server to be a backup mail exchanger.

Remote Mail Exchanger – This option can we used, if it do not accept mail locally for the domain.

After updating the details, you can click ‘Create’ button to create the account.


So by this process you can easily create cpanel accounts in WHM.

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