Italy is abundant with beauty. The rolling hills of Tuscany, the rich history scattered throughout places like Rome and Sicily, or the immense beauty of the Dolomites and Lake Como make Italy one of the best places to visit. But there's something almost mysterious about the Amalfi Coast. Legend has it the sirens near the coast beckon you to never leave.
There's always something new to discover here, so I'm bringing you 25 fun facts about the stunning Amalfi Coast that will make you want to visit even more.
I remember my first trip to the Amalfi region, I was buzzing with excitement. I had seen so many images online and the area depicted in movies (like Wonder Woman and The Talented Mr. Ripley!) and I was worried it wouldn't measure up to my imagination. But truly, the Amalfi Coast is even more beautiful in person. It's hard to capture the whitewashed buildings shimmering on the coastline as boats bob on the water. It's a place you truly must see for yourself.
This is up for debate, of course, but it's said that Sorrento invented limoncello. Capri argues they created it! The lemons on the Amalfi coast are huge and known as “Sfusato d'Amalfi.” They were used by sailors during long trips to prevent seasickness. Capri, however, did invent the Caprese salad!
Nearby, Mount Vesuvius stares down menacingly on a town it once wreaked havoc on, Pompeii. There's still a chance that the mountain could erupt again! Around 2 million people live around the area and there isn't a real plan in place to escape.
Capri's most iconic sight is the Faraglioni, which are three towering rock formations that jut out just near the island. You can take a boat ride and pass through the small hole for good luck! The name “Faraglioni” comes from the Greek word pharos, which, in Italian means, “lighthouse.” In ancient times, they lit fires on top to help ships navigate.
Sorrento is known as the land of colors and land of sirens. According to the Greeks, Sirens live in the sea and will charm you with their bewitching singing. When they cast their spell it causes you to fall in love with the coast and you'll return again!
Duomo di Amalfi is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in Amalfi, in the center of town. The cathedral is from the 9th century and is absolutely breathtaking both inside and out. The town of Amalfi dates back to the 6th century BC!
The Chiostro del Paradiso, or Cloister of Paradise, is attached to the cathedral and was originally built to be a cemetery for the noble families and contains an Arabian style garden. There are 120 columns and the gardens are full of palm trees.
Every 27th of June there's a festival in Amalfi to commemorate St. Andrew (St. Andrea) and the miracle that occurred. On the same day in 1544, St. Andrew saved Amalfi from an attack by the Saracen fleet. During the festival, a silver statue of St. Andrew is carried through the streets, bringing him up the stone steps, into the church.