Time to start planning your 2020 adventures! Since living in Europe the past three years I've had my fair share of travel experiences. I've found many of my all-time favorite places are actually off the beaten path. Of course, the big destinations like London and Paris are wonderful. But there are so many places in Europe that should be on your list!
Whether you're traveling solo, taking a romantic trip, or a group excursion, these are the best destinations to travel to in Europe for 2020. I scoured the European continent to find the best destinations you need to visit in 2020. Whether you crave an outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery, a relaxing escape, or a buzzing city full of history, this guide has you covered.
Italy is always a fantastic idea. The incredible architecture, the scenic rolling hills, beaches, mountains, and of course, the food and wine! Most people head to Rome, Florence, or Venice, and while those places are absolutely incredible, it's worth it to avoid the crowds and go further south.
Before visiting Sicily, I pictured a somewhat rough island- strewn with crumbling cities and desolate places. What I found was a sprawling region that reminded me of the rolling hills of Tuscany, the epic landscapes and beaches of the Canary Islands, and delightful ancient stone palaces full of gorgeous architecture and ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Although some places do need a bit of cleaning up (particularly Palermo and Catania), most of the towns we visited were absolutely remarkable.
The best way to describe the Canary Islands is a tropical Iceland. Just like the land of fire and ice, the Canary Islands offer an incredibly diverse landscape of volcanoes, black sand beaches, seas of banana trees, and unmatched vegetation. No wonder it's called “the continent on an island.”
From the magnificent White Cliffs of Dover, the historic university towns of Cambridge and Oxford, the ancient stones that date back 5,000 years, and the countryside manors that inspired writings that will last for all of time, there is something to uncover nearly everywhere you turn. My nearly two-week England itinerary will cover everywhere you need to see as well as where to stay and how to get around. I've always been fascinated by historical sights, and there are many important and beautiful places in the south of England.
Ignore the throngs of tourists clinging to the sides of the railing to get a picture of the iconic church stretching out into the water and pointing up to the mountains. It's worth it, even if it is a bit crowded. You won't need too much time here, so take a side trip to the Ice Cave (called Eisriesenwelt) in Werfen, Austria. And, if you still have time, hop over to Salzburg.